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Pink wedding: Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris


Owner and founder of the magazine “Playboy” and his sixty years younger chosen discovered that their wedding will not be in white like all the others, and that the bride’s wedding dress will be pink.

Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris, not a conventional couple, so do not want such a marriage, and have recently discovered that the twenty-four-year “Bunny” wearing pink wedding dress on 18th June.

- I love color pink. So the dress will be pink, and Hef and I want a wedding to be different, colorful, and everything to be beautiful – Kristal said, adding that about plans for a wedding is not discussed.
- Lovely to me when looking at catalogs and magazines for weddings. Hef’s friend has a band, they will play at the wedding. There will be different instruments, and then at the end of the evening and djs – said Crystal.

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pixel Pink wedding: Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris


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