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World of Warcraft goes free for new users


Activision Blizzard has opened MMO World of Warcraft for free up to Level 20, permanently, in a surprise announcement reported via PC Gamer.

The new system, known as World of Warcraft Starter Edition, will allow players to take their character as far as level 20 but places some limitations on how much gold they can have and their ability to trade with other players.

Whether the new system boosts the game’s subscriber base remains to be seen.

As well as announcing the new system, Blizzard also released a patch for the game, called Rage of the Firelands, which brings new quests for players and tweaks the game’s user interface.

Trial users can then upgrade to the full game for $20 USD, getting World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade thrown in as well.

Existing subscribers who don’t already own the Burning Crusade expansion have now had it added to their accounts, gratis.

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pixel World of Warcraft goes free for new users


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