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Good sleep for good appearance of the body!


Enough sleep and avoiding stressful situations can help in the fight against obesity, U.S. researchers said.Obese people who sleep too little or too much are less likely to reduce weight, according to a six-month investigation in which participated 472 obese people, the BBC reported.

The study results showed that lower levels of stress associated with greater weight loss. British sleep expert Dr. Neil Stanley, said that people should “eat less, move more and sleep well.”

Almost 500 obese patients participated in clinical trials at the Center for Health Research “Kaiser” in the U.S.. Within six months they had to reduce their total daily intake by 500 calories, exercise almost every day and attend group sessions.

Scientists have concluded that the length and quality of sleep directly related to the success of weight reduction. Also, people who were exposed to less stress lost more weight.

“We have always had the mantra” eat less and move more ‘, and now there is growing evidence that we must not sleep well, “concludes Dr Stanley.

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