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Alberto Monaco : “We did not sleep together for practical reasons”


Alberto Monaco gives explanations of his strange marriage to Charlene

They just got back from honeymoon, yes to that they have done can be called honeymoon. Two weeks after getting married Albert of Monaco and Charlene are back in his palace in Monte Carlo and the first thing you have done is call the journalists in the area – including the publication Nice Matin-to explain. The prince has offered, but present at the hearing has been the new princess. “We express our indignation at the persistent rumors. It is intolerable,” declared Albert. It all started a week before the wedding, when L’Express said Charlene had tried to flee, leaving the prince planted a few hours before the ceremony, finding that the applicant had had another child, a woman residing in Monaco, when was committed.

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pixel Alberto Monaco : We did not sleep together for practical reasons


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