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Germany withdraws unemployment assistance to the European newcomers


The country’s government aims to prevent citizens from 14 EU countries, including Spain, access to subsidies without having ever worked in its territory


The German Government has excluded immigrants from 14 European countries, including Spain, subsidies for long-term unemployed known as Hartz IV. The newcomers from 17 countries (14 European Union, Turkey, Iceland and Norway) and signed the European Convention on Social and Medical Assistance do not have access to these subsidies since 23 February.

A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Labour has confirmed the measure, arguing that “the government has to equate the treatment of all EU partners and can not place the 14″ that signed the Convention. For years, companies and the German government recognized the need to attract skilled labor into the country to support industrial development. Under Labour, the recent move not hinder this demand, because “the number of people who come from countries like Spain and seeking social support immediately is statistically irrelevant.”

unemployment 600x450 Germany withdraws unemployment assistance to the European newcomers

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That is why it is striking that the measure introduced in one of the worst of times for employment in the countries of southern Europe. just two years ago that the Federal Court of Social forced the institutions to support requests from partners Assistance Agreement. Since 23 February, the newcomers to Germany will have to wait a minimum of three months to apply for aid. The ministerial waiver to implement the ruling of the judges could lead to legal consequences.

The Ministry said that immigrants “should come to Germany with work agreed not to seek one.” Although the government insists again and again the need for skilled labor for industry and services, want to avoid an “immigration to social systems.” This means that newcomers have access to aid without working before. So “who has not worked a day in Germany” will have to wait at least three months to receive aid.

The labor minister, Ursula von der Leyen, has recently lamented the “low inflow of skilled immigrants” to Germany, which he ascribed to problems with language, but also to “a poor culture of welcome.”

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pixel Germany withdraws unemployment assistance to the European newcomers


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