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Steve Jobs died today, Apple founder


Genius technology, which revolutionized computing, dies at age 56. The world needs the former head of the California company great inventions, from Apple II to iPhone


The enigmatic, reserved and visionary Steve Jobs , has died at age 56 today, Apple announced . Jobs was much more than the CEO of Apple. Never before was such a brand associated with a person. His contribution to the technological world makes it one of the great innovators of the past 75 years, transformer industry. The twenty-first century Thomas Edison made ??the computer a simple device to use, change the way we do business with the music through Internet and mobile phone launched in another dimension.

The family has issued a statement explaining that Jobs had died “peacefully” and surrounded by his loved ones. “We know many of you mourn the loss with us and we ask that you respect our privacy during this time of grief.”

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Apple was founded in April 1976 in a garage in Los Altos (California) as they send the canons of the American dream. Next to Steve Jobs was his classmate and friend Steve Wozniak. The duo was perfect. Jobs, who was then 21 years, was responsible for the ideas and sell the product. Wozniak was devoted to engineering issues which gave life to complex technological devices.

Thus, with financial support of $ 90,000, was your first computer, Apple I, with a vision: to popularize the use of personal computers, leading to offices to homes. In 1977 came his first success with the Apple II , the first mass produced computer for consumption. In just two years, the company’s turnover was multiplied by fifteen, of $ 7.8 million to 117 million, which made ??them multimillionaires before age 25.

The famous apple

The popular symbol of the apple with a bite on the right side took the Beatles, who used the image of the fruit of original sin in his records at the end of the decade of the 1960s. The election will cost after an intense legal battle for use in the iTunes online store, where the music of legendary Liverpool band was absent until autumn 2010. It was only the beginning of what was to come at a time in which IBM was the giant to beat.

Steve Jobs was born February 24, 1955 in San Francisco. His biological parents, Abdulfattah Jandali, of Syrian origin, and Joanne Schieble were not married. It was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs. He grew up in a family with few resources. And quit college because I knew that opportunities were out of the classroom.

At age 12, had written to William Hewlett to do an internship in your company, HP. He liked engineering, and as a child not only was clear he would be rich, he also had the ambition to become one of the greatest of the greats, as popular as Shakespeare or Einstein. A Jobs you been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2004 . He released a year later, in the commencement address at Stanford University.

A long illness

In April 2009 he was subjected to a liver transplant , after denying for months the rumors about his failing health. In September of that year he reappeared in public to launch the third generation of the popular iPod player. Alarmingly thin and weak voice, used to campaign for organ donation.

Although he is considered one of the great innovare of history, not because create new products. Jobs and invented the personal computer, or mouse, or digital music player or smartphone or tablet, or electronic stores music or books. And he was obsessed with competition, which was forced to redefine their strategies.

Jobs was able to simplify the existing technology and realize its potential, at the right time. The Mac is now known in the market debuted in January 1984 as the first computer to have all its functions in a graphical way. And endowed him with a mouse, so that the user could move the cursor around the screen and with a single click to activate the functions of the various programs. Simplifies complex.

An invention in the history

The Macintosh set the future , although their functions were limited and questionable use. To exploit the potential of the new machine, Jobs needed a program that gave him life. At that time he went looking for help to the young Bill Gates, not knowing that over time became his great rival Microsoft. His enemy was then IBM. Sales disappoint and the Big Blue dominated PC overwhelming.

The tension grew within Apple. And a year later, Steve Jobs was forced to leave the company because of differences he had with then CEO John Sculley, whom he had hired two years before Pepsi. They disagreed on how the business was taking. But Sculley, an executive with more experience and maturity, had the backing of the council.

Holders of the time talk about the end of an era. Few executives in corporate history suffered a blow and managed to recover. At age 30, Jobs created another company, NeXT Computer in an attempt to reinvent Apple with one ambition: to change the world. But he had serious problems to open gap in the market to a computer of these features at a price as high as that offered.

The birth of Pixar

Secrecy enabled him to see more of what actually was. And touching the bankrupt company, focused on your operating system and began to explore new opportunities. In 1986 he was with the computer graphics division of Lucasfilm, which paid $ 10 million to George Lucas. And so was born the Pixar Animation Studios, creators of Toy Story and Finding Nemo .

Hollywood showed that computers can give free rein to the imagination and reach the general public. The technology would allow. Robert Iger, Disney CEO then, understood it perfectly and did not think twice before buying Pixar for 7,500 million . It began to forge a new era, in which Jobs was consolidated as a star.

NeXT was acquired by Apple in December 1996 for 400 million. And eight months after joining the giant Apple, Steve Jobs was named interim CEO of the Cupertino company. His position as head of Apple would be permanent in January 2000 in what was destined to be the most important return on U.S. corporate history.

The return from exile

Everything built in a decade was destroyed and sunk in losses, and 80% Microsoft dominated the PC market. Jobs rejoined after 12 years of exile to the company that created full of ideas to revive Apple, as the iMac. The computer was released a year later with a resounding success. But what opened its mass consumer product was the iPod and iTunes electronic store for the legal downloading of music.

That broke the niche that Apple was involved, launching new products beyond the PC and slowly the fortunes of the company would begin to change. Squaring the circle came in June 2007 with the interactive mobile phone iPhone . Jobs managed to create an attractive and consumers to the Mac, which were seen as a club reserved for the design and advertising. In the spring of 2010 he joined the iPad tablet .

Steve Jobs, who appeared in public in jeans and black shirt with turtle neck, was a stubborn person, passionate, self-centered, arrogant perfectionist. It was also a genius at promotion and image. The ad that used to launch the first Macintosh broke the mold and is considered one of the 50 best in the history of television. Aesthetics is another key to its success, a statement of design.

Jobs, Apple’s image

Jobs was Apple’s image and history of self defines Silicon Valley. In fact, one could say that there is a turning point in the technology world that Apple brand. A combination hard to replicate that allowed him to connect with technology trends, and explains the media tsunami that accompanies any device that launches.

Apple shakes the market in which it penetrates, because their products are simple and trendsetters, as the case of the mouse. And around them is also able to create a real ecosystem, in which all live in harmony. But that on Wall Street say it is not advisable to bet against Apple when launching a new product.

The magazine Fortune named for all this to Jobs’ entrepreneur of the decade “, and not just by the way they took control of Apple and its impact on the world of business. The editors of the financial publication highlighted its influence on world culture. “Every day, a student, entrepreneur or designer who is faced with a problem question: What would Jobs?”.

As ingenious as it is mysterious, Jobs was Apple’s strong point. Three decades during which redefined or reinvented, consumer technology, creating products that the most common citizen did not know I would need. But the image of “black man” is so linked to the brand that makes him at once in its main vulnerability.

Jobs knew selling the product, and had talent to distort reality so that the public was willing to pay more for them than the competition. The success of the iPhone, despite its problems, is the clearest example. It was not a question of numbers, if not emotions. And that is what creates all sorts of questions about an Apple without their guru .

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