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Strauss Kahn suspended in Cambridge


Student protests against a former director Talk International Monetary Fund

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Dominique Strauss-Kahn has already delivered two counts of rape, first in New York and then in France, but the specter of mob justice still chasing him. Cambridge students, or at least most of them have been up in arms because of the presence of the French politician in the city. Invited by the Cambridge Union Society (CUS) , a student society that encourages debate and freedom of expression, DSK, as he is known in France, has to pronounce this night a conference on the global economy.

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The invitation has offended another student organization, Women Campaign, which organized this afternoon a protest march and held a debate at noon in the Law School who has participated in the Douglas Wigdor, one of the lawyers Diallo Nafissa , the waitress who accused Strauss Kahn of raping her in his suite at the Sofitel New York in May last year.

New York ended the prosecution withdrawing the charges against Strauss-Kahn, 62, because, whilst appreciating evidence that the violation appeared to have happened, questioned the reliability of the accuser. The one before that case was the favorite to win the French elections now imminent, also escaped a second rape charge filed against him by the journalist Tristane Banon: the French courts rejected it for the long time between the date events occurred in 2002, and the filing of the complaint. Strauss Kahn is now pending a third charge: Lille police investigating an alleged crime of pimping around a network of luxury prostitutes.

Ruth Graham, the head this year’s Women Campaign, said the debate had two objectives: “a local”, denouncing the presence of Strauss Kahn, and other “international: reporting the reality of sexual violence against women.” Graham said that 40% of women raped in the UK ever say what happened to them and upbraided the CUS that DSK has invited as an expert in economics according to his former post of IMF Managing Director ignoring history sexual harassment of women.

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