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Swedish Royal Family: Holiday greetings via Facebook

That was before: on Facebook published the Swedish court private holiday photos of King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Thailand. After the scandals of the last year the couple wants, demonstrating unity.

The Stockholm is this year’s unusually mild winter, the media all the more harsh climate – at least for the Swedish royal couple. Before New Year’s Eve, the newspapers were again filled with all the scandals, the gossip columns over the years were filled. No wonder then, that King Carl XVI. Gustaf and Queen Silvia did what many Swedes in the Christmas holidays, when they their dark home is too uncomfortable: The Royals flew to Thailand. And published pictures of sunny days in Facebook.

In the recently published photos, the couple strolled in airy summer clothes by a Far Eastern fishing village. Although no one sees the two holding hands, but they are nevertheless close to each other and smiling happily. The tabloid Expressen cheered the Hofreporter: “Here Silvia finally forgives the king.” The message was clear: That could be the final stroke, yearns after the affair troubled monarchy.

swedish royal family using facebook Swedish Royal Family: Holiday greetings via Facebook

Queen Silvia and Carl Gustaf of Sweden have photos posted on Facebook: A novelty in the Swedish royal family. (© AP)

The ratio of Carl Gustaf and Silvia was after rumors about his trips to the red light district as tense. The King denies the charges though. But stories about wild parties, alleged underworld contacts his friends and raunchy pictures – which, however, proved to be a forgery – were still perennial in the newspapers. In the midst of this turmoil Queen Silvia was then faced with even more revelations about the Nazi past of her father.

In short, 2011 was a difficult year. And the relationship between the court and the media is deeply disturbed at its end. This became clear only a few days during the traditional annual review of the royal family on Swedish television. The Bernadotte seemed pensive and a bit sad. They spared no criticism of the journalist. Silvia spoke of a “media circus” that was “outrageously offensive” was. And declared Crown Princess Victoria, the lack of respect for private life is of concern.

The private holiday photos from Thailand should be given the evidence that mark a new beginning. “With the pictures of the king wants to show that love is stronger than ever before and that they have left behind all the problems,” analyzed Hofreporter Expressen. That the photos were first published in Facebook, is new. To date, the court felt rather timid before the Internet. Is the royal Facebook it only since November, she has more than 8,000 fans with far fewer supporters than, say, the Swedish monarchy opponents who have the more than 10 000 Facebook friends.But that could change: In the spring of Crown Princess Victoria will make her first child. 2012 should therefore begin with positive headlines.

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pixel Swedish Royal Family: Holiday greetings via Facebook


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